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We open, set up and manage an eBay account for you to sell your items online.

By now you've probably heard about eBay -- who hasn't! eBay may be the best online business opportunity available. Attracting over 98,000 visitors each day (almost 3 MILLION visitors every month) to its jewelry section this marketplace is a great business opportunity that is very inexpensive and can be making a profit immediately.

eBay also allows you to run a business that requires no advertising costs! Their web site already receives billions of visits.

It took us SEVERAL YEARS of trial and error to figure out what really makes the most money with eBay and now We can honestly say that We believe We are one of only a small handful of people in the entire world who really know the "ins and outs" of how this eBay business works.
We know your time is very valuable and We don't want to waste a minute of it. Please contact us for more info and let us make you a part of this rapidly growing industry.


  • Professional Photographing

  • Custom Design

  • Marketplace Listing

  • Advertise your online store

  • Finding right Marketing strategy 

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Phone: 212-768-0180
Address: 23 West 47th Street
  2 Floor #21
  New York, NY 10036